Our adopted families

Here are a few of our extended family members


It's been awhile, but we got Louie (maddie and eddies) may of 2011. 


He is a wonderful dog. Well behaved and very loving. Learnt easy and well. Listens amazingly. He is known around town as he is such a cute and good boy!! Thank you!! 


I have attached some pictures of Louie for you. 


Murphy at 6 months old. Mom is Adele, sired by Eddy. He’s 36 lb and 20 inches at the shoulder. He is the smartest, gentlest, softest dog ever! He learned to come, sit, stay and roll over by 4 months old! He has also been crate trained and sleeps there at night or when he has to be home alone. He has fan-fare everywhere he goes and we are often stopped and asked about his breed. This is by far the best family pet going! Snow has just arrived for us here in northern BC and he loves it!


Kimchi has been an amazing pet and family member.

She has a very gentle personality and is quite an affectionate family dog.

Here are a few pictures of her all grown up...Amanda, Kevin, Ben and Nora


It was one year ago that I acquired Shamas the Wonder Dog from you.
He has been a pleasure (with challenges) and I love him to bits.
He is healthy, funny, affectionate and a great companion. The two of us manage quite well together and of course he is over the moon when there are visitors.
This is a picture of Shamas at 6-8 months... Brenda


Mini Golden Doodle of Darcy and Willy

Here are a few photos of Buddy on his 2nd birthday today. He is doing well. He has stabilized at 50 pound. Just as active as ever. Our training instructor, Marie,  from  DogBgood training calls him the Wal-Mart Greeter.  He just loves to be the first to greet people and other dogs.

He lives to play. The more the merrier, especially when the 6 grandsons are visiting at the same time.

Take care..Denis & Bonnie



I wanted to share with you a recent picture of our favourite little Sens fan - Bella (MinMin & Eddie). She's 11 weeks and getting bigger everyday. She's a very smart girl and has quite the little personality! We call her our little Diva haha. She's already housetrained and knows "come", "sit" and "down". Bella is very independent but also loves to cuddle up with mom and dad. She's great at playing fetch and of course she loves to dig (we're working on that one!) We can't thank you enough for our precious little fur baby, we just love her to pieces!



2 years ago at the same date, a little girl was picking up a fury friend called Kate (daughter of Kensie and Eddy). Kate has now been with us for 2 years but it feels like forever. She is an excellent companion and we would like to send you a picture of what she looks like. You will noticed that on the picture she has been shaved as with her full hair she looks like an english sheepdog and it's quite a full-time job to brush! We installed a fireplace this winter and ever since, it's her spot! She loves to be cuddle and to be comfortably sleeping on the sofa… But what she likes the most are her walks and run in the park!


Reba & Willy

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Boomer. He is now 7 1/2 months old and he is such a good boy. He is really smart and a very sweet soul. 

Boomer now weighs about 45 lbs and I am very happy with his size. He looks way more like a Golden Retriever than poodle but he has a fairly curly coat and sheds very little. Everyone thinks he is super handsome and has a great personality.

We have started doing a bit of training to have him do volunteer Search and Rescue. He had a quick test on his tracking potential and was amazing!

Thank you so much for helping me choose him - you were absolutely right about him being gentle but spunky and smart. 

We're definitely thinking of coming back for a younger sibling for him one day... : )


Here are a couple of pictures of Lilly.  We just adore her! I'm constantly trying to convince my husband to try to get another pup!  Her temperament is absolutely perfect, she is so very playful,loves being active but is still so easy to exercise in the house if the weather doesn't permit going outside! She matures more every day and is incredibly intelligent.  We currently have her in an elite training class with a police dog trainer, he typically doesn't event accept dogs until they are 2 but he took Lilly at 6 months.  She loves people and other dogs, and she is incredibly gentle  with children.  We know how smart and capable she is so we push her to learn new things every day.  She is pretty spoiled as well.  We just can't help ourselves. She quickly found her way to the foot of our bed, and I wouldn't change my morning cuddles with her for anything!

I really can't imagine our lives without her now...she has brought us so much joy.  My whole extended family have adopted her like she was a child and we take her to every family visit we go on.

Most importantly, for other dog owners who may be wondering.  I have pretty terrible environmental allergies, in fact I cant even be in a room with some other dogs without it inhibiting my breathing....and I am not at all affected by Lilly, not even with a coat as long as she has right now.

It is no doubt that she was a well breeded and raised pup before she made it to our house.

She is currently approximately 17 lbs, happy, healthy and very much a DOG! She loves water so much she hops into the bathtub for fun, we cant wait for it to get warm enough to teach herbto swim. Her favourite activity is digging big holes in the snow and barking at the neighbours cat!


Today, on her first birthday, Danny and I wanted to share with you just how much we love Molly and how happy we are with having chosen her and your kennel (dad Willie, mom Kensie). She is such a sweet, spunky girl and she makes me laugh and melts my heart daily. She's 35lbs, full of energy but still cuddly and so smart! We would love to come visit with her some time :)


At about 9 months and approximately 35lbs, Meeka is outgoing and friendly. She barks very little to none at all. She is obedient but still very curious as all puppies are. She knows how to sit, lay down, stand up, climb up, climb down, look at me,  give paw, wait, and take on command. Meeka sits by the door to let us know when she needs to 'go'. She walks well on loose leash and is learning more every day to stay close and resists the urge to walk ahead of me. She's phenomenal off-leash. She instinctively knows to look back for me and to follow when called, but still finds it hard to focus on my commands when someone (human or dog) is around. My family and I love her so much. My dad in particular loves having a friend follow him around the house and  listen to him talk about 'god-know's what'. Meeka is a constant show-stopper and often gets compliments for her unusual look from total strangers. Thank you for breeding such a beautiful, kind and intelligent dog. Keep up all the amazing work.

Daisy Doodle

Minmin and Eddie

5 month old Daisy Doodle (mini tiny)

Trinity and SydneyTrinity_sydney

"Hi there, just sending a few pictures of Trinity and Sydney ( the last two pictures were taken today) they are doing great and are both the best dogs we could of asked for"..Joan and Yves 


Kenzie and Willy's

"Just a quick photo to show you our beautiful Kado. He is growing fast! 


He is an absolute perfect dog. Within less 2 weeks he was trained to ask for the door to do his business and only cried a bit the first night.


He has been sleeping full nights in his crate since we have had him. He is playful and very social but not hyper! 

We adore him....thank you!"


"We just checked out your website to see about a new friend in the spring for Cooper. Maybe a Bernese?
Look at how cute Cooper is now. He is 1 year 1/2 now."



Adell and Eddie

"Here is a super cute photo of Bernie our mini Bernedoodle for your website!  He is now 10 weeks old and LOVES the snow.  Bernie is learning new commands and tricks every day.  We just love him to bits  :)   Thanks again for everything and I will send more pictures as he gets older."


Mini Goldendoodle

"We purchased a mini golden doodle from you back in July. I wanted to send you an updated picture of Ralphie. He's 7 months now and between 35 and 40 lbs. he's a great dog. Loves the cottage in the summer and really loves playing in the snow.


We actually have 2 other Golden doodles on our street and when the 3 get together and play it's great!"


Reba and Willy
"I got Axle from you 1 yr ago (Reba and Willy are his parents). Just thought I would send some pictures of him now!
The first one is the most recent, and the school one is from summer.


He is such an amazing dog! He is 60lbs and a big fur ball. His personality is what makes him. He is such a goofy dog and some of the things he does just makes you smile. I put him in puppy school and he picked up on everything very fast – very smart dog! I think about every walk we go on, there is at least one person to comment on what a beautiful dog he is. And he soaks up every ounce of attention!


I noticed that you put pictures of some of the dogs on your website, if you want to use Axle on there too, feel free! I love to show him off"


Miniture Bernedoodle -

Mimzie and Eddie

"We wanted to send you photos and info on Indy or Miniature Bernedoodle that we picked up back  at the end of March.
She was the large black and white female from Mimzie and Eddie's litter.
She is now 27 lbs and was spayed back in August. When she sits she is approximately 18inches tall, and her nose to her bum is about 24inches.
She is absolutely the best choice of dog breed for our family. She is so smart, sweet natured and a blast of fun at the park with people or her dog friends, she is very social and not afraid of much.
Everywhere we take her she is loved, people cant believe how beautiful her coat is. Especially our groomers as we have been able to keep her with long hair"..Jennifer and Eugene Vardon


Mini Golden Doodle - Daffy and Benie

Jewel"We bought Jewel. She is the dog that went to Oman. She is doing great. She loves digging in the sand and going for walks on the beach. She has gone beach camping 2 times and loved it. She has some doggy friends that she is really good with. We love her loads"..Cassie


Bernese Mountain Dog -
Chevy & Lucie

"We love Diesel because he is fluffy, sweet and a perfect companion. He keeps us warm and in great humor, with his crazy antics, and he is a great listener when your upset. We love him also because he is extremely energetic and he loves to go on family walks. The final reason we love Diesel is because he is very smart and he loves to learn"..Emily


Mini Bernedoodle - Adell & Eddie

"She is such a smart and loving dog, we love her, don't know what we did without he"r..Wendy


Wesley Crusher

"Wesley Crusher is now a year and 3 months old and a whooping 43 pounds! Our mini golden doodle is not so mini but we love all 43 pounds of him. He is the cuddliest thing in the world and has the funniest character. Wesley enjoys being around people (especially the ladies!) and gets along with other dogs. 
Thanks again for our little monster!" ..Julie


Mini Golden Doodle of Darcy and Willy

"We thought we would send you some photos of Buddy, a year after we picked him up.  He is now over 45 lbs. and stands 20 inches at the shoulders. He is full of energy and in very good health, except when he eats something outside that he shouldn’t.

...He is finally getting the message that some our grandkids are now smaller than he is and he is learning to be gentle with them.  But he just loves to steal their toys and run away with them or hide them (or occasionally chew on them – that’s a no-no!). They just love to play fetch the ball with him, even the youngest who is just under two years old"..Denis & Bonnie


"I just wanted to send you some pictures of Rosie.  We brought Rosie home on the 29th of December 2011 from your farm. 
We love her to bits and she’s been a great addition to our family.  We get a lot of comments about how lovely her color is and how cute she is."..Christine


"We've been meaning to send you some photos for a while of our wonderful dog Gordon.   He is now about 18 months old, and his parents Maddy and Eddie, along with his breeders shoudl be proud. He is a wonderful dog with the nicest temperment we could have asked for. Like the other male in the house (me), he is very well trained. Emily did a great job - he doesn't bark, plays and tumbles around with our daughters, and even rings a bell in the kitchen when he wants to go outside!"..Mike, Emily, Sarah & Isabelle


"We love our baby Tundra. Soon to be one year old. He is so handsome. We have a lot of fun with him, he loves everyone."


"Can`t believe Ruby will be 18 months old soon! She has become such a big part of the family and the boys call her their sister!  She is the belle of the dog park ...everyone wants to know where we got her! she just loves to be around people and she is known as my shadow..mommy`s girl! Thanks again for her and to Maddy and Eddie too of course!"


"Its been a few months now and Marvin is settling into his new surroundings quite well. He was very easy to house train and has been a wonderful joy for Merissa and I. He makes both of us laugh and smile each day even when he misbehaves.


He has quickly become the cutest part of our family and we cant wait to watch him grow"...Jon & Merissa


"We are very thankful to you for the great puppy we adopted in April. Vida has brought a lot of joy to our life. She's healthy, up and going and learns so much, and so fast. She also has quite a personality and charms everyone she meets :-)

We thought you might appreciate a picture of her taken at the cottage in Trois Pistoles. She's a great traveller and a nature lover, just like us!!!

She makes her big brother run quite a bit - we're still not sure if he's getting younger or older by her presence - but they have adjusted nicely together. He's definitely very patient with her and teaching her a lot."


"Attached are a couple of pictures of Gracie.  We are so pleased with our decision to get a goldendoodle...she is such a sweet lovable puppy...and she is growing so fast.  She is 5 1/2 months old and almost 25lbs.  She stole our hearts the first time that we saw her. "..Cynthia & Dale


"Barney turns a year old this week and I have no idea how I existed before last year. She’s a wonderful girl, full of energy and loves everyone she meets (and they love her back!). She’s always the star of her obedience classes and although a bit timid, will try anything I throw at her, as long as we do it as a team. I have a feeling we’ll be back soon to get her a sibling!"


Mable and Eddie


Adoped Parents: Pat and Phyllis Searson



"Bailey is a gentle, loving dog. He plays well with children, all other dogs and even has two cat siblings. He's a bit timid about certain things but he's the smartest most loving dog I have ever met. Everyone that meets him wants to take him home with them! Thank you so much for such a treasured member of our family!"


"Thanks again for sharing Buddy with us.  He is a great addition to our family"



"We bought one of your mini golden doodles in March we named him Duke. Thought you might like some updated pictures he looks exactly like his father."



" Very sweet natured, quite submissive but a lovely sense of play.  She is an exceptional dog and we are very grateful.  And no shortage of friends who are happy to have her come and stay."



"We want to thank you so much for our little Jenny.  She is adorable and the light of our lives."



"We would like to thank you for Macey she has been a real joy, busy but a joy."



"Max had his first anniversary with us on the 30th. He's so much a part of the family we can't imagine life without him."

Nellie & Sophia


"I'm sending some pics of Nellie and Sophia. They are absolutely crazy, have no fear and love everybody. They rule!!! Everyone that comes wants to take them home. Now when we get invited out, it's only on the condition that we bring the dogs! They love the car, and have settled into the family as though they have been with us forever."



"I thought you might like to see some pictures of Rosie.  She's doing very well and is a very happy, active, and smart dog.  We feel very lucky to have her. "

Sienna Grace


"Here is a pic of Miss Sienna Grace. She is just wonderful and we thought you might enjoy seeing her as she is growing in leaps and bounds. Thank you for such a precious addition to our family."