Bernese mountain Dogs and Miniature Bernedoodles



Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is good natured and self-assured, and their temperament is a strong point of the breed. They are affectionate, loyal, faithful, stable & intelligent. Bernese are friendly to people and other dogs, and get along well with other pets such as cats and horses. They do not respond well to harsh treatment, but are willing and eager to please their master. Bernese love to be encouraged with praise and treats; the breed is sweet and good with children and overall, they are stable in temperament, patient, and loving.



Miniature Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles are robust and strong dogs with a powerful and compact body. They do not seem to have consistent traits, but may be energetic, intelligent and trainable like the poodle, and patient, good with families and fond of cold weather like the Bernese Mountain Dog. Many Bernedoodles do shed, although usually less than a Bernese. They are not prone to allergies and have a remarkably high life expectancy of 10-12 years.


Mini Bernedoodles